The testimonials within this page are not a prerequiste to working with me as a doula – when they are recieved they are considered a great gift and they are hugely appreciated…!
The dates the testimonnials are posted, do not corrolate with the births of babies – simply the date that they were recieved.

7th July 2014

Thank you so much for supporting my family and I through a frighteningly fast labour and emergency c section. The fruit and yoghurt delivery afterwards was perfect for a hungry mama too! You are awesome 🙂 xx <3 Thank you


16th July 2014

Hanna was a great support to myself when I was experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding, she gave me great support and information using a non judgemental approach, one that I was unable to obtain from my own midwives. Hanna made me feel supported and ultimately reminded me that ‘a happy Mummy means a happy baby’. I cannot recommend Hanna enough, she has a wide range of knowledge and is very open and understanding. A friendly ear is what you need when things aren’t going to plan. Thank you so much Hanna x


17th July 2014

Hanna’s support as a doula was invaluable. In particular, the birth prep work meant I was able to cope so much better with my drug-free 2nd labour than with my first. There were even a few very euphoric hours which I even quite… enjoyed! I had a very stressful time a few hours after the birth when my baby was taken away for some tests. Following my call, Hanna was with me in minutes (while my husband was with the baby) helping me cope and totally grounding me.
Hanna was knowledgeable, well prepared and extremely flexible, I felt safe & looked after at a very precious time.
Thank you x


19 September 2014

Having Hanna as a doula was a great experience.
Being pregnant can be a very lonely time for even the happiest pregnant women, as out of everyone around you, you are the only one going through this experience.
Sometimes it can be very tiring and frustrating (especially towards the end!).
In my experience Hanna was such a lovely support to me, she is so calming and understanding, and it meant that a I had my own personal support, especially for me at a time that I really needed it.
Hanna is a very warm and grounded person, who really makes you feel at ease and shows a genuine interest in how you are feeling. Hanna has a great knowledge and a natural instinct when it comes to pregnancy and women.
I suffered with stress a lot in my pregnancy as I live a very busy lifestyle with a 3 year old and my work. Hanna sat and talked with me about my personal experiences of my first birth and suggested I try relaxation and positive visualisation. I found the relaxation and positive visualisation sessions so helpful for relaxing and I really looked forward to our relaxation sessions as it was a bit of time out for just me to rejuvenate and talk about my pregnancy, my baby and my feelings. I always felt great after these sessions.
Hanna shared some of her own experiences about her own children and really could relate to how I was feeling, which helped a lot.
Through my birth I felt extremely anxious as I was going to be induced which frightened me. Hanna reassured me and my partner and when I naturally went into labour (thank god!) Hanna put some lovely calming music on which we used in the relaxation sessions and it helped to get me prepared for my labour. She gave me rescue remedy for my nerves and put lavender on my pillow, which was lovely and calming.
Hanna talked calmly to me through my contractions and reminded me to focus and breath. She made sure I was getting enough fluids and at the times I felt like I couldn’t do it, she reassured me and helped me to carry on.
I found the relaxation sessions so helpful to get me through my contractions and would recommend it to anyone.
Having Hanna present at my birth was a great support to me and my partner who was very nervous at times.
Hanna also gave me great support with breastfeeding, which I struggled with, with my first baby.
I can’t thank Hanna enough for her special support to me at a time when I really needed it.
Thank you so much it was great to share the experience of bringing my beautiful daughter into the world safely with you. You are a complete natural and I’m grateful for your support. I wish you all the best in your future career bringing happy ladies and their babies together. Xxxx


17th December 2014

Dearest Hanna, I wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful support you gave me in the lead up to Aila’s birth. I’m only so sorry it’s taken me so long to do it, I’ve been so subsumed in just relishing every moment of beautiful squishy cuddles with her. I really feel that without my sessions with you I would not have been able to overcome my complex anxieties about how my eldest would deal with the arrival of a new little soul in our family, whether I was woman enough for the challenge of two children, the logistical challenges of a homebirth and of course of my fears around childbirth. I feel through talking to you I gave myself permission to air and voice those fears and through doing so and with your hypnobirthing exercises and relaxation techniques I was able to ultimately overcome them. The calmness and warmth that emanates from your very being allowed me to open up and confront what it was that was haunting me in those last few weeks of pregnancy and I honestly felt truly supported, listened to and nurtured. You are a doula in the truest sense of the word – a mother to the mother, thank you.

The result of all this was, as you know, my beautiful homebirth. It wasn’t as relaxing or perhaps as straightforward as my first birth but was simultaneously a completely humbling and yet empowering experience. I felt confident in my decisions having discussed them with you and assured of my body’s ability to birth my baby. The midwife attending has said that it was one of the loveliest and most relaxed births she’s ever had. She was certainly pretty shocked and unprepared when I stated that I was about to deliver as she hadn’t even phoned the second midwife who was due to come all the way from Penzance, five minutes later Aila arrived! To my mind a super quick and easy delivery was my recompense for the twelve hours of false labour I had gone through the night previously and for the regularity and intensity of the contractions that followed when labour started for real. However, through surrendering to it and being completely in the moment I was able to ride the surges as they came and knew that with every one I was drawing closer to meeting my beautiful girl. As I write this she is lying on my chest breathing softly, her little hands entwined in my hair. How I ever managed to create and bring into this world something so beautiful is beyond me but I’d love to have more and if I do, you’ll be the first to know as I shall be calling once again on your wonderful expertise, support and experience. Thank you Hanna. Xxxx



09th March 2015

Hanna’s influence is so incredibly calming and energising all at once, I always left antenatal sessions floating on air and empowered ready to approach my second birth without fear or anxiety. On the evening I went into labour things progressed very quickly so when Hanna arrived with me we were in full flow and I was losing my focus and calm. Within seconds she had brought me back to feeling in control and handling my contractions better. I had decided on a home birth for this baby and as far as possible wanted my 2 ½ year old to be there. Hanna’s presence meant that my husband was able to focus on our toddler and guide her through watching Mummy labour, without Hanna there I think things would have been very stressful, my husband would have felt torn and I honestly think my birth experience would have not been the positive event that it was. If we go on to have another baby I won’t even contemplate doing it without Hanna there.
One of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy with my second baby was to have a doula.
THE best decision I made was using Hanna.


21st April 2015

Dear Hanna

Thank you so much for being at the birth of my baby girl. You were amazing from the day I met you. I was very scared deep down about having a VBAC and then finding out that the baby was breech made it quite a nerve racking journey. Having you there to help me make a decision on what to do was such a blessing. The time you spent researching and sending me informative articles really helped me to decide what was best for me and my baby. Knowing that I’d have you there to support me at the birth gave me the peace of mind to go for the natural delivery I wanted even though my baby was in a breech position and the consultant had told me that I had to have another C-section. You reminded me that it’s my choice. I loved your relaxation sessions; sorry for falling asleep lol, you really do have such wonderful energy and relaxing in your presence is so easy. I still can’t believe how perfectly everything went on the day Katelyn was born and after all the preparation for a breech vbac she went head down as I went in to transition. I felt so supported and advocated for, having you there enabled me to stay calm and I was able to do everything instinctively. You really looked after me from the moment you arrived and the way you helped to calm Libby when she got upset was incredible, bless her she really wanted to come with her mummy. Ash was so relaxed knowing that I was in good hands too so it wasn’t only me that you supported. You really did such a wonderful job of keeping me in the zone and feeding me honey and water, you just knew exactly what I needed and when I needed it. Thank you again for everything and all the contacts too, I never would’ve known about placenta encapsulation if it wasn’t for you and it has really helped my milk supply and pp recovery. You truly are a magnificent person and a blessing; you really did make my labour and birth the experience I had longed for. We are all eternally grateful. I don’t plan on having any more children but if I do you’ll be the first person I call.




26th April 2015

Hanna is a truly wonderful person and a fantastic doula. I have really struggled to write this testimonial as I have found it really difficult to put into words how amazing it has been to meet Hanna and how blessed we feel to have had her be a part of our baby’s birth. We completely believe that without Hanna, our dream natural VBAC would not have been achievable and I certainly did not believe it would be until I met Hanna.
When we first met Hanna we were not even sure we wanted a doula. However, after a couple of minutes in the company of someone that makes you feel so completely at ease, any doubt was soon eliminated. The immense passion she has for what she does shone through and made us feel that having Hanna as our doula was the answer we had been looking for.
In writing our birth plan we were unsure of some of the choices we had to make. Hanna worked tirelessly throughout her time with us, including investigating the latest research and information so that she could provide us with the relevant evidence to make informed choices. Hanna always remained impartial and non-judgemental when discussing options with us.
Hanna was everything we needed every step of the way. She gave us endless support during the lead up to the birth, as well as on the big day. In order to help with the trauma of our previous birth, Hanna did some “letting go” sessions and relaxation techniques. These sessions really helped to prepare me mentally. They resulted in me no longer fearing the birth, but feeling excited about it!
Knowing that Hanna was there to support us throughout gave me such confidence and I really felt like a cloud had been lifted, because of this I could feel positive about the birth and confident that we had done everything we could to help make it what we wanted.
Throughout labour Hanna was supportive as a rock but as discrete as an angel. She made sure all the pieces of the jigsaw came together and everything ran smoothly. Knowing that Hanna was there to do this meant that we could feel much more relaxed. My husband had nothing to have to remember or focus on except for supporting me.
Hanna has a real gift for being in tune with people and their needs. During labour she was there to keep the atmosphere calm and knew exactly what to do and say to help me keep calm and manage the contractions with ease. At times of self-doubt Hanna gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my body. With the help of Hanna I had the most wonderful birthing experience. This was something that I never thought possible!
We really felt that Hanna always went above and beyond the call of duty. Even since the birth she has continued to provide support with breastfeeding advice and helping wherever she can.
Having Hanna as our doula was the best decision we made and we cannot recommend her highly enough! She is one of life’s gems!

A Husband’s perspective …………….

When my wife talked of a Doula my first question was “what’s one of those?!”
To be totally honest I wasn’t really all that keen on the idea. That was until my wife and I first met Hanna. After the initial meeting I felt totally relaxed with her and realised that the support she was
going to offer my wife was going to be invaluable. I was not wrong!

We learnt that opting for VBAC was a reason for health professionals to rail road you into making certain decisions that are not necessarily what you want. The information provided by Hanna gave us the confidence to discuss with consultants and midwifes the birth plan we wanted with the self-assurance that we wouldn’t being doing our baby harm.

After sessions with Hanna I observed my wife’s confidence grow and grow. I watched her transform from worried and concerned to strong and excited. On the day I witnessed the most amazing thing
ever in my life. The strength and calmness shown by my wife was incredible and resulted in the most beautiful birth; she is certainly my biggest hero! Hanna was there throughout. She was calm, subtle, supportive and a great strength to my wife (and me!!).

We cannot recommend Hannah highly enough – she has 100% helped my wife achieve her dream birth. Thank you Hanna.


14th May 2015
When we found out that my brother and his girlfriend were having a baby, my husband and I wondered what could we give them. Having small babies ourselves we had everything we needed and could share that easily, but knowing my brother well that would have just been stuff, helpful, but just stuff.

Being a midwife, I knew the importance of the antenatal, birth and postnatal experience. I wondered if I could help by being there with her, but wondered how my paternalism would impact on them, on their experience. So I thought long and hard and decided what was best was finding someone to care for my precious ones when I couldn’t. Knowing Hanna as I do, I knew she was absolutely the only person I could trust to recommend. And what an honour, what a joy to bring her closer into my family, and the relief and joy I felt knowing she was there, always, never faltering, she was there.

My brother and sister say she was a gift of a lifetime, and even that is selling Hanna short. Hanna doesn’t even know how much she did that day, how much she was needed, respected, cherished, trusted and loved. she added so much positivity to all elements that day. My husband and I didn’t gift a doula that day, we created a new and very lovely friendship for my brother and sister. And I for one can not wait for the day we can feel the joy of having Hanna as our doula….


9th June 2015
I’m sure that every testimonial that Hanna receives mentions at some point that she is an amazing lady, but the fact is that’s the absolute truth. After previously having two long, uncomfortable labours the third birth experience with Hanna was just full of firsts. The first time I’ve dilated past 5cm without medical intervention, the first time I’ve not had to have an epidural, the first with no cuts and the first with no stitches!

The labour ran smoothly and for the most part was pretty much text book, the only issue came when meconium was found in my waters and we had to be transferred to Treliske. I can’t say the ambulance trip was particularly enjoyable but when Hanna came into the room to find me kneeling on the floor with babys head crowning (he took 6.37 minutes from our arrival at Treliske to being born) she took it in her stride offering me and my partner the support we needed. She was on hand afterwards making sure both me and baby got what we needed, she was also the first person to notice I was suffering from shock, she even alerted the midwives to the fact.

I can say with confidence that Hanna really did make my birth experience this time round how it
should have been on my other births. I went into my labour with the belief that despite my previous experiences this one could be better and it was, the whole labour was exactly half as long as my other two labours. She helped me believe in myself and my body and even managed to get me to relax!

I would recommend Hanna time and time again and if we hadn’t decided three was enough for us I would have definitely used her again.


 1st August 2015
Hanna was without doubt the best gift I have ever received. (From my incredibly kind sister in law and her husband.)

Hanna was a wonderful doula – really taking the meaning of the role to it’s furthest point and mothering both the mother and the father. She supported both my partner and I in the weeks leading up to the birth, during the labour, and she continues to support us in so many ways.As a first time mother I was anxious about giving birth and not sure what to expect. Hanna gave me so much emotional support in our sessions before the birth. She helped me think about all the different options for my birth plan, helped with sourcing a birthing pool and deciding where to place it, and gave me really relaxing hypno-birth sessions. But more than that – Hanna listened and understood and reassured and made us both feel completely safe and supported. Hanna didn’t force her ideas on us or rush us into thinking about things before we were ready – she listened and responded intuitively to our needs as and when they arose. In between sessions Hanna was always available via text, email and phone call, and did masses of research for us. She was always there as a reassuring, comforting support to both of us. She was there for me and so calming when I had several tricky meetings with midwives which left me feeling anxious and upset.I was 16 days past my ‘due date’ and came under massive pressure from the medical establishment to induce. I am so pleased that I stayed firm and waited for labour to start naturally, and Hanna was a massive support in this regard. I found it very stressful being told that as I was ‘overdue’ I was high risk, and that my chance of still birth was doubled. I found it really hard to stay positive and trust my instincts not to induce, and Hanna’s support and guidance really enabled me to do that. I really believe that allowing the baby to stay put for the extra two weeks it needed meant that we ended up with a super healthy baby and a super healthy me.My contractions started slowly at 3am in the morning. My partner called Hanna at about 4.30am and she came over to our house shortly afterwards. Hanna supported me as I wandered about the house having the contractions and went into various rooms including the garden and tried various positions. Hanna and my partner both continued to support me throughout the contractions with massage and encouraging words.I felt a lot of pressure from the midwives to transfer to hospital, and I found the added pressure from them very stressful alongside trying to focus and stay positive and strong in the labour. I found it very difficult to ‘retreat’ and find the peaceful physical space I needed to be in to birth, because the midwives were making me feel so penned in and claustrophobic. Thank goodness for Hanna, otherwise it would have been much, much worse. Hanna acted as a liaison between me and my partner and the midwives, and really kept them and their hassling and questions and noise at bay.When we did end up transferring to hospital I was very worried this would mean an escalating conveyor belt of drugs and interventions, and I really believe that having Hanna with us ensuring a restful start to labour at home, and having Hanna with us in the delivery suite helped to avoid this happening.Hanna came in the ambulance with me while my partner followed in the car, and having her with me was massively reassuring. Hanna was wonderful – as soon as we got into the delivery suite she dimmed all the lights, put on some calming music and spritzed some lovely aromatherapy oils. I felt instantly calmed and reassured.

Hanna stayed by my side, holding my hand, stroking me and cheering me on throughout the whole 18 hour labour, and only had one break from being by my side in the delivery room. I felt incredibly supported having Hanna on one side of me and my partner on the other throughout the labour.

Hanna was a brilliant intermediary during the time in the delivery suite. Again I came under pressure to speed things up with syntocin and have more vaginal exams, and Hanna made sure my wishes were respected. Hanna coached me through all the breathing and pushing, and was a much needed interpreter – translating the chaotic instructions of several medical staff all talking at me at once into simple, short, encouraging guidance. There were several points when I said ‘I can’t do it Hanna!’ and it was wonderful to have her calming encouragements always there by my side.

I feel so pleased and incredibly lucky that I had no epidural, no drugs other than gas & air, no caesarean, no forceps, no ventouse, no episiotomy, no tearing… I really believe the no tearing was down to the peaceful early stages of the labour and having Hanna present to help, guide and support me and keep the medical team at bay.

Hanna stayed with us after the birth and helped me to gently encourage our daughter to breastfeed. I delivered the placenta physiologically and easily and had minimal blood loss. I declined the Vitamin K injection for the baby. These were all things we had discussed with Hanna previously, and we both feel very happy about the decisions we made, and the support that Hanna gave us to make them.

Overall I feel very positive about the labour and my birth experience. It is not something I look back on as a traumatic experience, and I know it is quite rare to have that feeling, and I am absolutely sure it was due to Hanna’s support.

I remember medical staff saying during the labour that I was tired and exhausted and needed the saline drip, but I didn’t feel tired or exhausted at all… I felt full of energy and brilliant after the birth and was up and walking around within about an hour.

Unfortunately my partner had a panic attack after the birth, as he was overwhelmed by events, not eating and not sleeping. He says that it would have happened much earlier if Hanna had not been there with us throughout the labour.

Post birth Hanna has supported me with breastfeeding and continued to be a calming, encouraging presence to both of us.

If I do ever have another baby I will definitely go for a home birth again and I will definitely have a doula. I really cannot recommend having a doula at the birth highly enough, and especially Hanna.

Hanna is everything you would want in a doula: wise, experienced, practical, down to earth and always there with advice. Her presence is warm, calming, loving, kind and encouraging. Hanna gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my baby and believe that birth could be a positive, healthy, happy event: and it was.

The more I have got to know Hanna, the more I have realised how busy she is, and the more I understand what a massive act of generosity it was giving us so much of her time and attention. It felt like a very personal gift of love, not like a business transaction.

We are overwhelmed with the love and care Hanna gifted to us, and will be forever grateful that she agreed to be part of our life in this incredibly special way.


5th August 2015

Hanna supported me during and after my third pregnancy. She is, without a doubt, one of the most calm, caring, compassionate, gentle and generous people I have ever met. She gives so much to her role and clearly loves what she does.

Having had two relatively straightforward births with my first two children I planned a home birth for my third. Hanna helped me to prepare for this and come up with a birth plan by drawing on my previous experiences and using evidence based research.

During labour I used the relaxation techniques and active birth positions Hanna had shown me; and used the birth affirmations she had helped me to write. I believe this helped me cope with such a long and painful experience.

My home birth didn’t work out and after a long labour I was transferred into hospital where I had an emergency Caesarean section as my baby was stuck in a brow presentation. I became very unwell following the surgery and my baby struggled to get to grips with feeding.

The postnatal support I received from Hanna has been incredibly valuable. She sent me information to help me continue breastfeeding whilst I was still in hospital and kept in touch with lots of supportive messages. I wonder if I would still be breastfeeding now if she hadn’t helped and encouraged me so much.

Hanna visited me at home a few weeks after I was discharged and the debriefing we did together has enabled me to begin healing emotionally from a traumatic birth experience. I feel incredibly lucky to have met Hanna and am very grateful for her support in bringing my beautiful boy into the world and for supporting me during the early weeks of his life. I would certainly recommend her to anyone considering a doula. Thank you Hanna.


23rd October 2015

When a stranger walks through your door, sits down at your kitchen table to talk about being your

doula and you say goodbye as friends you know you’ve found your doula. This was our first

experience with Hanna.

She is an inspirational woman who provides information from all perspectives, enabling you to make

informed choices about your pregnancy, birth and post-natal care.

Hanna was a guiding light for us when our planed home birth went out the window as our daughter

Evelyn decided to arrive early. We were left feeling that we still had an incredibly positive experience

despite this and we feel that this is largely due to Hanna’s support (for my Husband as much as me)

and advocacy.

We came home and then had to be readmitted because of jaundice. Hanna helped us though this

difficult time with both her bf support for me and emotional support for all of us.

If / when / maybe?! When number 2 is on the cards we will be delighted to invite Hanna to work

with us again.

Much love

Charlie, Tom & Evelyn

28th October 2015

I would like to thank Hanna so much for being our doula. As many others have said, she’s such an amazing lady. I can’t really put into words how amazing she is. She genuinely cares and goes way above and beyond her role.
Initially my partner was sceptical about hiring a doula. He felt that it would be odd having a ‘stranger’ at the birth, but when we met Hanna we instantly knew this would not be true. She did not feel like a stranger at all. She is an extremely warm and friendly person and we both felt comfortable straight away in her company. He has since said that hiring hanna was the best decision we could have made.
Having had a emergency caesarean the first time around I felt anxious about about labour and birth. Hanna put me at ease straight away. She has such a nice way about her. The antenatal sessions were really helpful. It was nice to talk through everything. I found the relaxation sessions really good too. They helped me feel focused and prepared in labour.
When I went into labour Hanna came straight away when I needed her. She stayed next to me rubbing my back, keeping an eye on my contractions. I felt quite relaxed. It was nice as it let my partner look after our two year old, and she did not pick up on anything strange going on with her mummy. She took a real shine to Hanna also and still talks about her now!
When we got to the hospital Hanna was an invaluable support to myself and my partner. She kept me focused and relaxed, and gave me  confidence in myself. I had a quick uncomplicated labour and birth. It was a completely different experience from my first. The atmosphere was just so calm all the way though.
Hanna came to see me the morning after the birth and continued to support me with phone calls and texts though those first challenging weeks of breastfeeding. When we found out that my little boy had a tongue tie, Hanna helped refer me to have his tongue tie cut. I am now still happily breastfeeding 3 months on, and Hanna still texts me now and again to see how I am doing.
Our experience of Hanna has been brilliant. She is a really special lady. We can’t recommend her highly enough!
Thank you Hanna we couldn’t have done it without you. Xx

(L and S)

13th January 2016

It’s no exaggeration to say that Hanna is the reason that i had the birth i hoped for.
I was lucky enough to find her during my pregnancy with my daughter, my second child, who was born 19 months after my son. In my first pregnancy i developed preeclampsia that became worse postpartum, meaning induction then a 5 night stay in hospital, lots of tests, monitoring and a fair amount of worry. We planned to go back to Treliske for my daughter’s birth but i now realise how nervous i was about that. It wasn’t that i had a bad experience with my son, but i had a lingering sense of it not really being in my control. Decisions were made without me truly considering them and it was as if birth was something that was done to me rather than by me if that makes sense. 
This time i had no preeclampsia and went into labour naturally two nights before my due date. I’d had quite a few weeks of slow pre-labour and Hanna was so reassuring and supportive. She sent me a link to a wonderful article about the ‘space between’ feeling that you have when you’re waiting for your baby right at the end of pregnancy and it was exactly what i needed to read at that moment. On the day that i went into labour we’d met earlier in a café to run through things again and talk about my birth preferences. She was informed and knowledgeable and her experience of births at Treliske really helped.
During the birth Hanna was incredible. She arrived at Treliske shortly after we did and somehow, through every stage of labour, knew exactly what i needed. I practiced hypnobirthing with both my son and daughter and i’m a huge fan of it. But the long (30 minutes) car journey from home to hospital had thrown me and i was struggling to ‘surf’ through the strong contractions. Hanna helped me centre myself and go back into a calmer mind-set while i listened to my affirmations, switching off from everything around me while she subtly made sure that the midwife (who was also brilliant) knew my birth preferences and that the room was dark, quiet and calm.
I’m not a very tactile person and beforehand was apprehensive about having someone other than Ross, my partner, and the Treliske staff in the room with me. If i’m honest i think i originally wanted a doula as back up to help reassert my birth preferences in quite a clinical way and to support Ross if he had to make any tough decisions. I didn’t want them to become too involved or make me feel like i had to attend to what they wanted/needed/expected from me. Hanna read the situation perfectly and at no point did i feel crowded by her. It’s quite hard to put into words, but instead i was surprised by this amazing feeling of warmth, support, utter kindness and someone who was there 100% just for me. At one point i vividly remember reaching for Hanna and asking her to stroke my hand and talk through the (pushing stage) contraction with me. I was starting to get tired and sneaky doubts were popping into my head about whether my baby was ever going to come out and if i could keep going until she did. Hanna could see what was happening before i could and was the voice i needed to hear telling me that i was almost there and doing amazingly. A very special feeling of comfort when i needed it most.
Our little girl, Seren, arrived in the early morning after a 6-ish hour completely natural labour with no interventions or drugs and me feeling pretty happy and proud of what i’d achieved with Hanna’s incredible support. Since then Hanna and i have stayed in touch and we’ve met up for chats, to discuss how breastfeeding has been going ( i didn’t realise how different babies can be and Hanna’s knowledge was invaluable for helping Seren and i get a better latch) and life in general. She really is a very special person and i’m so glad that we met. 
(R and R)

05th June 2016
Whilst expecting our second child I searched for a Doula in order to help with breast feeding, having
struggled with this first time around. However, after an initial telephone conversation with Hanna,
where I talked about my first pregnancy and birth experience it became apparent that I would
hugely benefit from some ante-natal support too, as my feeding struggles had clearly been impacted
by my pregnancy and birth experience.On a practical note, Hanna has such a wealth of knowledge relating to pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period that you are able to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and birth experience in order to choose what is right for you and your baby. Furthermore, all our discussions
were always followed up by numerous articles that Hanna would email to us, supporting and further
expanding on what we had talked about. Hanna would always highlight the risks and benefits of the
choices we had to make, which, sadly, the medical professionals were reluctant to do. It enabled my
husband and I to feel confident in refusing certain interventions that, in our case, were not necessary and, we feel, would have been of huge detriment to the well-being (emotionally and physically) of myself and our baby. Hanna also provided us with a vast amount of practical tips and techniques for labour: breathing
techniques; relaxation techniques; optimal positioning; massage and touch techniques and even
how to travel comfortably in the car to the hospital! She instilled confidence in me that my body
was capable of birthing my baby, which enabled my husband and I to have the most magical birth
experience. Having Hanna by our side at the birth (which we also requested) further contributed to
this most amazing journey. I can remember it all so vividly even 8 months on and it fills me with
such happiness.What makes Hanna such an incredible Doula, alongside her vast amount of knowledge, is Hanna
herself. Being a Doula is clearly much, much more than a ‘job’ to Hanna. She is so passionate about
what she does and so caring of the women that she works with. Having Hanna as our Doula was the
best decision we ever made! Both my husband and I feel so deeply privileged to have met Hanna
and have had her support before, during and after the birth of our son. Through moments of
euphoria and despair, Hanna was always there giving her gentle, assured support and
encouragement. Words cannot adequately describe how she has touched our lives – we will be
forever thankful that we found this wonderful woman.
(R and H)

26th June 2016

It is not easy to put into words what it meant to us to have Hanna as our Doula and this has taken me a long time to put pen to paper as I’m not sure my words could do her justice.
From the outset, I knew Hanna was the person for us. Kind, knowledgeable, nurturing and an easy to get along with person. Which was important in making the decision to have a Doula, for both me and my husband.
Hanna supported me in discussing my previous birth and what I wanted to be different the second time. The relaxation part of the session was always welcome as we have a 3 year old too, it was great to have some quiet time. 
Hanna helped us plan for a VBAC and provided useful information to help us make decisions. Unfortunately the best made plans can sometimes go awry and I developed complications in my pregnancy meaning it was recommended that baby needed to arrive early. Hanna was great in supporting us with questions to ask and the decisions we had to make, preparing me and accommodating the change to our plans.
When baby T was born by Caesarian 3 weeks early Hanna was there with us to hold our hands, literally & metaphorically. She laughed with us, relaxed us, possibly shed tears with us and stayed with me whilst my husband went with our baby to the neonatal unit. 
After a short stay in neonatal we were soon reunited with our beautiful baby. In the early days Hanna was was able to give her expert advice on getting breastfeeding established, our baby is thriving, healthy and happy. 
We cannot recommend Hanna enough, we are so thankful.
(E & R xxx)

19th December 2016
Having Hanna as our doula was definitely the best decision I made and money I spent during my pregnancy.
Following a difficult year involving a family bereavement, a miscarriage, and relocating back to Cornwall, both my husband and I felt we needed additional help in what was such a major unknown and unpredictable event.
Hanna’s experience and support was invaluable before, during, and after the labour. She listened to what we had hoped the birth could be like and provided straightforward, unbiased guidance and further reading. By clearly and calmly explaining our options to us at every stage we could make informed confident decisions which was extremely important to us.
During the labour Hanna and my husband worked together as a fantastic team creating a calm, safe environment that I truly believe was the main reason I was able to have the birth I had hoped for without pain relief and with little medical intervention. Having now heard so many birth stories I believe mine to be one of the surprisingly few overall positive ones.
On a practical level Hanna’s presence meant that when meconium was found in my waters and I needed to be taken from the birth centre to hospital by ambulance, she was able to stay with me on the journey keeping me calm while my husband followed by car. We both found this incredibly helpful and comforting at what was a difficult stage in the labour. Throughout the labour our daughter’s heartbeat remained steady and healthy which again I believe was thanks to my husband and Hanna’s care and support allowing me to be relaxed.
Hanna has stayed in touch following the birth of our daughter and continued to provide helpful, unpressured reading materials for various parenting issues and I feel we have built a genuine bond with her.
If and when we have another baby I would without a doubt want Hanna to be there with us again. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

26th February 2017
My wife and I chose Hanna based on a recommendation from friends. Before deciding to work with her (and vice versa!), we met and got on well from the start. Building up trust was important and Hanna made that easy, guiding us during my wife’s pregnancy and giving us a range of materials to read without pushing us down a particular direction.
At the birthing centre, Hanna helped us create a soothing atmosphere which was vital for my wife, keeping her relaxed and making sure she felt safe. This was not easy, as our first midwife was quite loud and did not listen when my wife asked for quiet. Hanna reassured me that we weren’t asking for too much, and supported me in convincing the midwife to follow our birth plan. She also helped me explain to the later (more relaxed) midwives what we needed. Having two of us there to support my wife meant we could take take short breaks without leaving my wife alone. I also valued Hanna’s independent opinion and that she was onhand throughout, so that I could speak to her whenever I had a question.

When my wife had to be transferred to hospital, Hanna was able to be in the ambulance with her while I drove behind. At the hospital, Hanna was a reassuring presence during the birth and had a good rapport with the midwives. Once my daughter had arrived, she was happy to give the three of us some time alone but stayed nearby in case we needed her.

I was very happy with our decision to work with Hanna and would recommend her unhesitatingly.


1st June 2018

Darling Hanna… hand holder, brow wiper, confidence booster, pain soother, memory teller, woman whisperer, cheerleader, and SISTER. 
These are just titles but when YOU put them all together, it is essentially MAGIC.
Your love and passion is tangible and something I am eternally grateful and blessed for….


7th February 2018

Hanna is honestly the most caring person I have ever met, she has so much passion for what she does and her knowledge never ceases to amaze me.
she is very easy to talk to and I can comfortably confide in Hanna.
I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula.

Thank you Hanna, for being you x